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We've got our own image host! It's called BPix. Find it here:

Getting Started

When you sign up for BPix (which you have to do separately from signing up for the main forums), you'll have a folder with your username automatically created for you in the 'Community' folder. This is your folder.

Uploading Photos

The 'Upload Photos' command is at the bottom of the 'Explore' menu. You can create subfolders of your upload folder (or as the software calls it, albums) from within the upload page by clicking "...or create a new album".

Each user is currently limited to an allotment of 5 GB for the time being.

Deleting Photos

To delete a photo you've uploaded, go to 'Edit Photos' in the Explore menu. You'll be able to select photos and delete them as needed.

Linking Photos into Your LP

At the moment, the only way to get a photo's direct link is to navigate to it in your gallery so that you're viewing only that image, right-click on it, and select "Copy Image Location" or the equivalent for your web browser. (If you try it from the album page, you'll get a link to a thumbnail version of the image instead.)

Creating a Sub-Album Without Uploading A Photo

Use the 'Upload Photos' command, and create a sub-folder... Just... Don't upload anything if you want it empty. It won't show on your gallery, but it's there, and you can create sub-albums from it, becoming visible the first time a photo is in the gallery.

Yes, we know this is clunky. We apologize in advance.

EDIT: 14/09/2020 - Hi there, JamieTheD here with the fixed BPix link. We're sorry for not linking this earlier, but it should fix the "Gallery over 100 sets the gallery to 100" bug. Poor Chinely... BPix Uploader

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I made a simple uploader program. Set up your BPix username/password/gallery ID (can be found by getting the number at the end of your Community sub-gallery's URL), drag-and-drop images in, and it'll upload them and give you a big list of URLs at the end of it. You'll need .NET Framework 4.5 or whatever version of Mono supports that to run it.

It'll also show you what BPix filenames are associated with what files were uploaded after I update it.

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Important note : Please do not create a sub-folder in community overall. You have been given a specific folder for you for a reason. Instead, when uploading photos, be in your folder, then create a subfolder there. Thanks in advance, folks, for not giving us more work.

EDIT: Such albums are also not private to you and the mods, which is kinda important for you, since public photos can be deleted or moved by anybody.

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UPDATE: We have discovered how to create new sub-albums without actually uploading anything, and it's fucking stupid. Just click the upload photo... Then create a new sub-album... But don't upload a photo. It will look like you don't have an album until you upload a photo in it or a sub-album, but trust me, it's there, and you can create a sub-album in it, and the whole shebang will become visible once you upload a photo into the sub-album or its sub-albums (and it's visible on your upload list)

EXTRA UPDATE: For ease of moving images from your album to an archive user (We've tested it, and it doesn't fuck up links) ready for archiving (when we've got an archive and post converter set up) please put your LP photos in an LP specific folder (and sub-folders, if you do that for ease of use.) We've discovered we can't change the permissions on editing photos and albums, so if you're wanting things moved to an LP specific subfolder, just... DM me, and I'll add it to the queue. It'll save us time down the road, and it's my bad for not working this out earlier.

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I've uploaded a new version of the BPix Uploader. Main change is that you can upload gifs, webms, and webps now.

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