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Elona: Eternal League of Nefia is a Japanese graphical roguelike that started development in 2006. In 2008 the creator, Noa, began to release dual-language builds in both Japanese and English and remained active in both communities until 2010, when his official development of the game ceased.

Less a rogue-like and more a bizarre and wonderfully demented sandbox, Elona doesn't necessarily have to be played as a dungeon crawler. If you don't fancy dungeon delving, you can always make a pianist who goes from bar to bar earning his wage and avoiding getting gibbed by critics who power throws giant boulders. Perhaps you'll want to get a ranch and a farm and spend your time playing Harvest Moon (the good one), or grab a gene machine to start experimenting on how many limbs you can give your little girl or give her dragon strength. Compared to other roguelikes, Elona is almost casual: Death is never permanent should you make it an option and there's always a way to bounce back.

Some features at a glance:
  • An actual plotline and sidequests!
  • Random events while in a dungeon/town or just by traveling.
  • Randomly generated sidequests via notice boards in every town.
  • Randomly generated dungeons.
  • Player housing and structures such as museums, shops, farms, etc.
  • New Game + Mode: a marriage and lineage system where you and your spouse can have a child and pass on that genetic data to the next character you create.
  • Companions can join your party by inviting, hiring, buying them as slaves, or just subduing them. Your party size is based on your charisma.
  • Material collection/crafting.
  • All towns and NPCs are fair game, if you can take them on. There's even a sidequest that involves nuking an entire village.
  • Custom portraits and tiles.
  • Original soundtrack. Custom music can be added.
  • Gamepad support.

Elona+ is what happened when a team of modders took the original Elona's source code and began to add to it extensively, adding several new mechanical systems, an entire continent's worth of new dungeons and plotlines, and even more ways to break and abuse the game systems.

This version of the base game is currently in active development, with releases every couple of weeks; unfortunately, this does not include work on a translation, so a lot of the new content can be rather piecemeal and hard to understand if you don't have the wiki open next to it. The vast majority of the game still retains its translation from the original release, though, and the sheer amount of additions that Elona+ brings to the table mean it's now regarded as the de facto official version. There is very little reason to play Elona base-game with the sheer amount of fixes Elona+ brought in!

Elona+ additions:
  • Quicksave and Quickload buttons!
  • New continents with more plot to follow.
  • An entirely new God, based around commerce and generating platinum coins.
  • Special feats based on base class.
  • New special actions based on skill levels.
  • Retooled experience curve: experience and skill gain has been increased across the board.
  • New and retooled skills: Traveling will now increase all your skills as you move around the world map, and is nearly mandatory, while Swimming will increase your speed when wet.
  • A reworked crafting and alchemy system that makes most crafting skills more useful and adds an alchemy pot with several high-end recipes.
  • Shopkeepers can now upgrade items without a scroll, while healers can uncurse items for a small fee to save poor newbies getting stuck in cursed hell.
  • Pet Evolution: feed your pet 'heart' items to evolve them into new forms and up their stats and skills.
  • Rare monsters that may join your party when you kill them.
  • The ability to equip pistols as a melee weapon and buttwhip people.
  • The ability to equip melee weapons as thrown weapons and lob swords at people.
  • A limit break meter, culminating in special skills that do largely heinous amounts of damage.
  • Hugs!
  • A whole host of ways to modify pet AI, from commanding them all to attack or return to fine-tuning their chances of melee or ranged attacks, their distance from you, and their special move usage.

Custom+GX additions that I know of WIP
No more thirst mechanic
Return allows warping to many more locations
Custom AI to teach pets spells

Getting Started

At its core, Elona involves running around a continent building up your skills and stats, slowly gaining in power and cashflow until you can reach better ways to improve your power and cashflow. Early on, this mostly involves doing things that will give you platinum coins - chiefly town errands and dungeons - and then spending those coins on buying new skills or improving a skill's potential, a percentage value that indicates how efficient your training in a skill is.

There are tutorial NPCs when you start and a tutorial building outside your cave that gives you items when you finish doing their quizzes, based on your level. Once you're done with the tutorial NPCs in your cave, you should leave and proceed to the nearest town, where you can choose a pet to accompany you on your starting adventures. You should probably choose the little girl, because while it might sound pretty iffy she's the only one out of them with opposable thumbs, the ability to wear armor, and the ability to kick your ass right out of the box.

[*]Elona+ official wiki (Japanese)
[*]Elona English Wiki
FAQ - Game Tips / Beginner's Guide / Character Creation - First Continent Map - Elona+ Changelog
[*]English Forum
[*]4chan's Elona Tips pastebin links.
[*]Elona Discord channel: https://discord.com/channels/2083916097 ... 8589353984
[/list]Unlocking debug races:

Open config.txt. Find the line extraRace and change "0" to "1". Start the game and you'll have access to a ton of races, including the deeply broken (and kind of dull) Catgod.

Removed some things that are no longer working and I'll check for anything else that needs work.
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1.995R Massive changes to everything

There are a WHOLE LOT of changes and you are best off reading the patch notes
Nefia's have a DESTINY trigger that drops Godly equipment on a pile of gold. Letters form around the date. What triggers them...
Platinum pieces/skill bonus/spell bonus points cap at 100
Each days triples the experience gain of certain skills in a set
Sense Quality is now Analysis and it does other things
Many many more changes

Save data from 1.995 will not work with 2.00 and later versions.

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That seems like a -very- chunky changelog. Hopefully it pushes E+ in a better direction, since for a while now it mostly just seemed like Ano was nerfing stuff that players were discovering. I haven't played in a while so I might roll up a new character. I haven't been able to get anyone over that early-mid act 1 hump where the enemy difficulty takes a jump yet, so we'll see if the even more platinum changes help at all.

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2.00Fix The End, maybe
Spoilers for the boss fights

Final boss battle for the Main Quest, maybe
Lots of spoilers for the boss fights and in great detail
You can interact with your allies and spend their bonus points
All chests and safes have a reduced range of useless items to spawn
Bejeweled and regular chests can spawn herbs
Regular chests and safes can spawn bronze coins
AP costs for Life and Speed are based on starting value
Informers convey messages to NPCs that can do several things
Fix for some crashes.

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2.01 The start of another big patch

Experience from dodging and getting hit by attacks are greater against stronger opponents. Fighting trash mobs is ineffective.
Trap (oops) quests are made easier.
Time that passes during quests like gardening, are tweaked so slower classes have more turns. Speed is still king.
Attack spells have a slight overhaul in dice rolls.
Rods have been reworked in many ways, including filling charges.

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All the ball, bolt, and arrow-type spells have been overhauled to be more balanced. Each type performs equal to bolt spells and have parity with equal attribute/skills
Spellbooks give more spell stock and doesn't rely on remaining stock when counting
Can write books and spell books using various tables
2 new songs

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2.03 The English translation for Adventure Seminar update

English translation for Adventure Seminar.
I would count that as enough for an update. A newbie friendly tutorial in English that isn't barebones.
Debris gives more exp
A boss-race dependent item from clearing Nefia will halve a skill's level and give back three skill points
New special actions that curse all your gear or use scrolls like a ninja and other things
AI changes for some lowly special enemies

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2.04 Begging and Tickle Torture

They are now a thing
Custom sound files and you are the director
Can't use Dominate when dueling
Memory Converters get used up
Tutorial has been changed

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2.05 Speed caps and Act boss drops

Beating an Act boss gives you a reusable item that raises any low attributes to a certain point for a while. Helps your newer pets get up to speed.
Sophia gives you items as well when you clear acts.
You can fuse Time Stop.
Bartender food buff gets nerfed into the ground.
Everyone pretty much obeys a 5 turn speed limit against much slower opponents. No more taking 20 turns against snails.

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2.05Plus+Custom GX

For a change of pace
https://github.com/Ruin0x11/ElonaPlusCu ... g/

Ported all changes from Elona+ 2.05, using Elona+ Custom-G as a base.
Uncapped resolution
No limit on skill or spell points
Running in the world map
Can transfer 2.05 saves


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The real 2.06Plus Custom GX update

Toggle for cicadas
Fixed farm plant errors
Cicadas in towns
New games start in October so you won't hear the cicadas
Buff nerfs
Summoning monsters have a level cap on what they can spawn instead of ruining everything
Stamina loss from thirst and sleep are floored at -100
House guests that bring bees

Excuse me if I don't show any regular plus updates. I will include features from those updates.

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https://github.com/Ruin0x11/ElonaPlusCu ... .06fix.2.0
Translated more text outside of cutscenes
Can vote on an alias
Allows network features
Some new tweak options

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https://discord.com/channels/2083916097 ... 7400016896
There is a beta testing of the elochat feature on discord if you want to see what messages are being made.

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Mandatory 2.07+ download

Creepy Dreams no longer remove your resistances and only debuff you a ton
Attributes now have a potential rating beyond 200%+ Superb
Resistance ranks are also changed to be a little more informative
You can auto-fish for 1-6 hours or until bait is used up
Fairies now learned to lift =2s of equipment

Then you apply this download on top
https://github.com/Ruin0x11/ElonaPlusCu ... g/

Fixed a crash when talking to a bartender with thirst enabled.
Fixed a rendering glitch with the Nefia Fever clock.
Fixed more issues with screen resolutions and fullscreen/crashing.
Fixed certain world map area entrances being generated with grass instead of snow. To apply the fix to existing saves, open the console with F12 and type the command cgx207mapfix.
Fixed maps with multiple door types changing doors to the wrong tile when opening/closing them.
Fixed a small typo in the Japanese language after travelling between towns.
Fixed CTD when changing some resolutions.

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