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What other shit do you like to watch on-line that might not specifically be people playing video games? There's already a thread for Gamers™ that you recommend out in the LP Off-Site Rec thread

Here's some of the stuff I enjoy on a regular basis:
  • Kyde and Eric - They're a couple from Virginia that now live in Japan and travel alot, they're basically just goofballs that make travel vlogs. They tend to travel abroad in the winter and then travel within Japan in the warmer months. They're currently posting videos from their trip to Hawaii but visited over Xmas/New Years.
  • Braille Skateboarding - If the phrase "EXTREMELY DANGEROUS GLASS SKATEBOARD" intrigues you, you might want to give this a peep.
  • Binging with Babish - You probably already know about this guy but he adapts recipes for foods that have appeared in TV and Movies.
  • Tronix Fix - I can't explain why I like this guy, but he just fixes game consoles, I find it weirdly relaxing?
  • Alex French Guy Cooking - This guy lives in Paris and goes to extremely ridiculous lengths to solve problems so he can become a better cook.

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Latest video from Jessie Gender, a star trek (and other scifi but mostly star trek) nerd who focuses especially on how those things comment on culture, politics, and especially gender/sexuality.

Anyway this one is about how Star Trek probably wouldn't have survived without Kirk/Spock.

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Geowizard. ... Ug1XqcjFYA

Started out as a geoguessr-playing youtuber but then started uploading his "missions".

His first mission was walking in a perfectly straight line through Wales, crossing fields, climbing fences, struggling through thorny bushes, wading through rivers, just to stay on the line. Guy's a bit mad for doing this but it's really cool.
The second mission was a challenge to get from Geneva to Bratislava using as much different modes of transport as possible and while doing a bunch of cool things.
There's some individual shorter mission pieces as well.

I happen to know that his newest mission which he did last March will start airing on his channel in a couple days.

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Voices of the Past, a channel where someone reads a bunch of firsthand primary sources from all over the world and throughout history.

A good jumping-off point is the World's Oldest Complaint Letter. That Ea Nasir is up to no good, worst copper merchant in all of Sumer, zero stars.

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David Bull does traditional Japanese woodblock printing, including a lot of process videos, as well as just videos where he talks about his thoughts on printing. They are very, very calming (except for when he's removing large portions of the block, just because it's a very loud part of the process), and just, super cool to watch in general.

In a very different vibe, Dollightful is a doll customizing channel that is very cheery and sunshine-y in tone on the whole, even for the horror-themed videos.

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Ah, what the heck, so... There's quite a few good channels I like for tabletop nerds. First up, there's Runesmith, who does the "Basically [DnD thing]" series, and a theme we'll be seeing through the tabletop bit: Snarky people explaining tabletoppy things, mostly DnD. Also on the snarky end is JoCat, who you may know as The Wiggler Wot Did MonHun and DnD Crap Guides. Kanekuo, meanwhile, is pretty awesome, a friendly guy who adds spice to tabletop with series like Monsters Misguided, which explores the variety of monsters, and ways to fit them into the world. Similarly, Zee Bashew's series on spells in DnD is a must watch, and both these two have some solid animatic skills. Finally, there's the tabletop channel I'm currently watching, Table Story, who do solid work.

Oooh, also Rivals of Waterdeep was pretty cool too. :D

Anime time? Oh look, it's Super Eyepatch Wolf o-clock! SEW loves their manga and anime, and are solid critics of the work they look at. On the horror front, there's Ryan Hollinger, who, despite being wrong about In The Mouth of Madness, is a very good horror critic who aptly describes why something's interesting.

There, that should be a few good recs for folks.

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