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Do you like music, queer folks, and politics? I do, so I started making video essays where I tell the story of a musical artist and discuss how that story contributed to the political and LGBT+ messages in one noteworthy album. I'll probably be doing one of these every few months because they're an obscene amount of work and I have very little free time, but they're fun and I love doing them.

Episode 1: Cop and Speeder - A retrospective on Elliott Smith's band Heatmiser
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Made this one before I had decided on the show's name and general theme, but it still fits. Elliott Smith became a legendary rock star, but his first job as a professional musician was as a member of an early-90s alt-rock/grunge band, splitting songwriting duties with his openly gay best friend.

Episode 2: Skeletons - The anarchist radicalization of Nothingface
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Nothingface was a nu-metal band that was around before that scene even started and stuck it out until after it was over, and never became one of those platinum-selling breakout bands. After a slew of calamities at the turn of the century, their lyrics began preaching aggressive leftist politics that would still be considered radical today.

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ooooooh! excited to put this on while i work tomorrow.

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