Hallownest Beckons - Let's Play Hollow Knight Blind

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And that is all she wrote for us. This is the formal end of the LP. As we say profusely in the episode, but no less here, thank you so so much for watching and commenting along. Your interaction means a huge deal to us and honestly I've been enjoying the hell out of looking at the comments from the past. I honestly can't quite get over how this LP has progressed and just how long it's been going with all of you following us.

To ask two cheeky things, please do rate this thread on the forum. I usually don't ask but I think this is probably our best work. The second is to ask for the usual youtube things, please do subscribe to the channel if you enjoyed what you saw.

Tea and I will be on official hiatus until the release of Metroid Dread on October 8th, with what i anticipate will be the first episode on October 11th. (My birthday!)

However, I will be streaming my attempts at the Pantheon of Hallownest and the Path of Pain.

The first of these streams is scheduled for Wednesday at 10pm BST, 5pm EST and I ideally intend to keep streaming at around the same time I would release episodes, so Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you'll forgive me, I'll keep bumping this thread with those streams as long as they're going.

In the meantime for standard LP work, I have a bit of a passion project that I'm working on that is likely to see its release in the next few weeks, so please do keep an eye out for that.

As a final addition, here's a little bit of Fanart we got sent and I personally think it's absolutely great!

Again, thank you all so much and we will catch you in a month's time!

It begins.


That initial run through the pantheon of Hallownest was amazing. I've got a possible tip for Absolute Radiance that I'll spoiler just in case: I think you can pogo off the floor spikes.

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