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Hallo! As SkippyGranola and I were wrapping up Disco Elysium we did a lot of goof talk about Dragon Quest as I was devouring Dragon Quest XI at the time. Being fellas of the same timespan we have a similar affinity for the games and disconnect of not playing a lot of the interim ones after the NES.

When my younger brother passed in August 2019 he left me his DS, 3DS, and collection of games which produced nearly all of the physical DS/3DS versions to plow into while sad. Eventually Skippy chats got to toying with the idea of just goofing through them together so, Dragon Quest Quest: two lummox men playing through the game in the fashion of our youth with one on controller and the other being little brother navigator with a strategy guide (also we're cheating like hell).

Ideally this is just a hang out and have a goof stream with two friends. Get an RC Cola and a bag of pretzels, maybe a wrestling magazine, we're hanging out in the den after school, chummers.

Dragon Quest Quest
  • SNES re-makes
    • Dragon Quest - The one we know the most about.
    • Dragon Quest 2 - Going through the horns for four hours.
    • Dragon Quest 3
      • Part 1 - My wife, myself, Skippy, and our friend Donnie set out to save the world.
      • Part 2 - I'm quiet and Skippy is loud, Baramos hands us our hat after a valiant effort by Warrior Granola.
      • Part 3 - The audio is fixed and Skippy Granola proceeds to go on a rampage of EVERY BOSS AROUND.
  • DS re-makes
    • Dragon Quest 4
      • Part 1 - Proper Jeff, Skippy Granola, and myself discuss friendship and I agree to a wager no one asked me to agree to in a monster casino.
      • Part 2 - Torneko Taloon is the digital Dusty Rhodes
      • Part 3 - Donnie & I meet some sisters.
      • Part 4 - Donnie & I meet a hero.
      • Part 5 - Skippy & I help some fake Russians.
      • Part 6 - Skippy & I prove to be potentially poor friends to have if you are in jail...
      • Part 7 - Skippy & I spend too much time discussing farts.
      • Part 8 - Skippy & I march toward victory!
      • Part 9 - GrandmaParty, Donnie, & I win!
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Dragon Quest 3 is done! Skippy Granola gets revenge and then some for Baramos making a fool of him in the prior video. Dragon Quest IV is on deck.

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Dragon Quest 4 is up. Skippy, Jeff, and myself discuss friendship, rock music, and what monster would win in a fight culminating in me taking on a bet that was ill advised.

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I am horrible at updating! On here! Well...what's gone on? I believe we met Torneko Taloon, then Jeff & Skippy had to take a boo so that Donnie could step in to meet some sisters and a hero.

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School is over for another term and I live again! Skippy and I were able to help some fake Russians and betray Taloon (for a little while).

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Skippy and I return to...talk about farts...lots of farts...jeez...

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Skippy and I are ALMOST victorious...almost.

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WE (GrandmaParty and Donnie and me) WIN!

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