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So, we like Let's Plays and streams in general. They're fun, they're a good community thing when done well, they're about one of our favourite subjects. It's not just the LPs here, or on SA, or whatever.

So this is a place where you can recommend folks you've watched, or streamers you enjoy! Let us know why you enjoy them, what sort of things they look at, and what sort of things they've done that may interest folks!

An inaugural recommendation for anyone who is fond of the Civilization series


His Civ 4 AI Survivor series runs weekly on fridays at 12PM EDT (GMT -4). Guy has been running for long enough to know what's going on and provide fitting commentary. There is also a tipping contest on his personal site. Recommending because the more the merrier :)

(Edit for timezone details, apologies.)
(Re-edit to include a link to the site, explaining how the games are run and what to expect )
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Outline wrote:
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fridays at 12PM. 
Which 12pm are you talking about? Got a time zone, please?
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Highly recommend Kruggsmash's Dwarf Fortress LPs. That said, if you don't have a lot of time or inclination on your hands at least watch the one-off Fun With Minecarts.

I highly recommend CohhCarnage's playthrough of Outward.

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