Meanwhile In The Future: Let's Play 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

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“I think you must buy this game!” — Yoko Taro


From the mind of George Kamitani comes the biggest and most complicated science fiction clusterfuck ever witnessed by man. Thirteen teenagers, thirteen giant robots, and one frankly *ridiculously* complicated mystery waiting to be unraveled that will make your head spin.

I’m really not sure where to even begin with this game, because anything I could say would be both a spoiler and woefully incomplete. There’s huge reveals that take place within the first two minutes that I’m loath to give away, not because it’s a huge deal to let them slip but because I feel it’s important to take this game in with as little foreknowledge as possible. Letting the insanity pass over you is part of the core experience here, and I’m not willing to ruin that. So what can I talk about? Not much, but I can try!

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim was released November 28, 2019 in Japan and September 22, 2020 worldwide. It’s the latest game from Vanillaware, who are known for their gorgeous 2D animated artwork with games like Odin Sphere and Dragon’s Crown, and this game does not disappoint there. Vanillaware is best known for making action games, but 13 Sentinels is an odd beast in their ensemble, being basically just a visual novel with light adventure game elements crossed with a strategy game.

As for the story, it’s told in a non-linear fashion so as to be the most confusing thing in the world to try to unravel. Add to this the large number of playable characters, each with their own interwoven stories and layers upon layers of insane reveals, and we’ve got the ingredients for a massive pile of nonsense. You’re gonna wanna take notes here, is what I’m saying. I certainly will be.

And because there’s a ton of reveals, I’m going to have to warn you all now that this is a strictly no-spoiler thread. Don’t hint, don’t intimate, don’t even tag. If we haven’t seen it, don’t mention it. Unfortunately, because of the way this game is structured it’s probably going to be a nightmare trying to figure out what we have and haven’t seen or put together yet, but please try nevertheless.

I really love this game, and I’m excited to share it with all of you (though I’m hopeful that at least a few of you will pick it up yourselves upon seeing me evangelize about it).


Chapter 1: Juro Kurabe 1
Chapter 2: Iori Fuyusaka 1
Chapter 3: Takatoshi Hijiyama 1
Chapter 4: Natsuno Minami 1
Chapter 5: Megumi Yakushiji 1
Chapter 6: Shu Amiguchi 1
Chapter 7: Ei Sekigahara 1
Chapter 8: Juro Kurabe 2
Chapter 9: Natsuno Minami 2
Chapter 10: Yuki Takamiya 1
Chapter 11: Ei Sekigahara 2
Chapter 12: Iori Fuyusaka 2
Chapter 13: Destruction 0
Chapter 14: Destruction 1
Chapter 15: Shu Amiguchi 2
Chapter 16: Keitaro Miura 1
Chapter 17: Megumi Yakushiji 2
Chapter 18: Megumi Yakushiji 2.5
Chapter 19: Yuki Takamiya 2
Chapter 20: Tomi Kisaragi 1
Chapter 21: Juro Kurabe 3
Chapter 22: Destruction 2
Chapter 23: Natsuno Minami 3
Chapter 24: Natsuno Minami 4
Chapter 25: Ei Sekigahara 3
Chapter 26: Megumi Yakushiji 3
Chapter 27: Destruction 3
Chapter 28: Tomi Kisaragi 2
Chapter 29: Nenji Ogata 1
Chapter 30: Nenji Ogata 2
Chapter 31: Nenji Ogata 3
Chapter 32: Nenji Ogata 4
Chapter 33: Nenji Ogata 5
Chapter 34: Ryoko Shinonome 1
Chapter 35: Keitaro Miura 2
Chapter 36: Keitaro Miura 3
Chapter 37: Iori Fuyusaka 3
Chapter 38: Shu Amiguchi 3
Chapter 39: Takatoshi Hijiyama 2
Chapter 40: Destruction 4
Chapter 41: Juro Kurabe 4
Chapter 42: Tomi Kisaragi 3
Chapter 43: Yuki Takamiya 3
Chapter 44: Ryoko Shinonome 2
Chapter 45: Megumi Yakushiji 4
Chapter 46: Megumi Yakushiji 4.5
Chapter 47: Keitaro Miura 4
Chapter 48: Ei Sekigahara 4
Chapter 49: Destruction 5
Chapter 50: Ryoko Shinonome 3
Chapter 51: Shu Amiguchi 4
Chapter 52: Juro Kurabe 5
Chapter 53: Iori Fuyusaka 4
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The Story So Far
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You know, there were many things I wondered about Shu when he was first mentioned in Juro's story, ways I kinda expected him to act.

Aggressively competing for how creepy of a sleaze he can be was not one of them.

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Chapter 21 links to this thread and not the update

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campion wrote:
Sat Mar 13, 2021 10:32 pm
Chapter 21 links to this thread and not the update
Sorry about that! Fixed now!

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...So are these sectors separated by time, or just space? Or dimensional walls?

More questions...

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We’re going to have to get back to what I keep voting for eventually…

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I just remembered to change the second post like I did in the original version of this thread:
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The Story So Far
Basically, it's just a recap of story events we've seen so far. I'll try to keep it timely with what we've seen.

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I am once again pushing the Vote Miura button

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