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Co-Commentators are hard to find. Let us help.

Let's play is a wonderful hobby. But sometimes, you can't fill the air on your own. You need a co-commentator. And that's where this thread comes in. Due to the massive pain in the ass of keeping track of co-commentator requests last time I did this, please keep it to just putting yourself down as "Willing to co-comm", ta. I'll be trying to update this OP with the lovely folks who volunteer, and if you want to be taken off the list for any reason, edit your post, give me a DM, and I'll do just that.

Anyway, a good resume has a format, and lucky for you, I've got this down to a science!
Da Formula wrote:Name - Obviously, your forum name.
Discord - I know, some folks still use Skype, or other things, but the most common one is Discord nowadays. So use that if you can.
Other Contact - This is an optional one, because obviously, you're here, quite a few are in the Beach discord, and there's "Email me" in your profiles if you've set that on.
Timezone/Preferred Hours - As someone who's co-commed with folks from all over the world (but mostly the US and Canada), I know arranging co-comms between time-zones is a fuck. This'll help.
Specialty Subjects - Shit you really know. Example from experience: Grump knows naval history. And is good at being a sassmonster. These are two specialties. Okay, one's not a subject, per se, but the kind of style you go with can help too.
And there you go! Shill your co-commenting skills, find the good chemistry of your dreams, and have fun!

The List

Ibblebibble- Anime, Gacha games, and MMOs. Pretty laid back.
Salted Grump- History, especially pre-1960s warfare, generalist, sass, off-colour jokes. We're trying to improve him on that last one, we swear...
Valdorean- Reactive co-commentator, JRPGs/SRPGs

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Name: Ibblebibble
Discord: Xaph#2825
Timezone: GMT +8
Specialties: If you want me to natter about gacha games, anime, MMOs or any combination of the three then I'm your guy. I've dipped my toes into a bunch of different game genres so I'm happy to talk about whatever really.

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Name: Salted Grump
Discord: Salted Grump #0335
Timezone: GMT -5 (Eastern Standard; -4 during Eastern Daylight)
Specialties: History in general, with a focus on Pre-1960 Warfare. Sass. Horrible Jokes. Game-wise, have played pretty much everything except racing games in forever, generally more reactive than proactive in commentary for what's on the screen.

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Name: Valdorean
Discord: Valdorean #0343
Timezone: GMT -5 (Eastern Standard; -4 during DST. Why is this a good idea?) Preferred hours are anytime after 4pm, since that's usually when I'm home after work. I'll always give you a heads up if that changes though.
Specialties: I have played entirely too much Final Fantasy, especially 6 and Tactics. I tend to enjoy talking about fun plot beats and foreshadowing after the fact (e.g HEY REMEMBER WHEN THIS DUDE WAS TALKING TO THAT OTHER GUY? THAT GUY WAS THE DUDE), which can help keep consistency and reminders of plot and stuff, especially if there have been update hiatuses. I'm pretty laid back and am usually more reactive since well, it's your show, not mine.

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Name - LevelZeroBadger - but I'm good with any diminutive form of it.
Discord - LevelZeroBadger#3935 - I'm not familiar with Discord - but the times are a changing.
Other Contact - I kinda don't have one. My profile links to the other social stuff I use. But I'll start learning Discord. :roll:
Timezone/Preferred Hours - Eastern US, -5 GMT. I do before/after work 07:00 -10:00 is my normal time, after 22:00 is a secondary, but my days off rotate.
Specialty Subjects - I have a thing for the gritty backend of things, like how or why something was made/programmed. Also, I like to talk about real-world/human connection to things: such as the lore that Senua's Sacrifice used, or how people deal with the crazy shit in Antichamber.
I am full of sass, shade, and 31 flavors of comedic attempts. I like the flexibility to have an 18+ audience, but I can totally tone it down.

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