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Finally, time to tackle this beast.

The very long-awaited Laxius S____ is finally coming out late this year. Allegedly. After having been delayed for the majority of a decade.
So, I decided it was high-time I started an LP of this series.

So, in 2005, one of my favourite RPGMaker series, The Way, ended.

Also in 2005, another of my favourite RPGMaker series, Master of the Wind, began.

And now we cover this series. The Laxius series, currently 8 games long, soon to be 9, hit its peak in 2005 (Well, okay, December 2004) with Laxius Power III.
It contended with the Way Episode 5 for Misao Awards, and incredibly, somehow beat The Way 5 for Best Story and some others. See my The Way thread for specifics.

Laxius Power 3's story still is not anything special but I think it indicates just how popular the Laxius series was for a time. I think it might have been more beloved by people outside of the RPGMaker community than inside of it though, but I cannot say for sure. I think it has also just been genuinely forgotten by the RPGMaker community now. None of the games are on RPGMaker.net either, not even his free ones.

The Title screen, music and the game's opening cutscene are in this video.

Laxius Power 1 is a game I have very complicated feelings about.

There's a lot of nostalgia here, but I do think it has some good ideas. It has an interesting mix of CRPG and JRPG design paradigms.

Unfortunately, there's also a lot of pretty problematic stuff that really should just not exist in a game. I'll quote a review of the first game.

Laxius Power is one of the best fanmade RPGs I have ever seen. Although the plot is quite cliche, the game more than makes up for this with sheer size: not counting numerous side quests and secret locations, Laxius Power will easily take you more than 50 hours to complete.
Coded with ASCII's RPG Maker application, Laxius Power is a console-style RPG, which means you get to control a party of anime-ish characters and explore a Final Fantasy-style world. The game lets you control multiple characters, and even allows you to change the difficulty level – a nice touch that more RPGs should have. One of the best things about the game is that you have considerable freedom of movement: there are always many locations you can explore at any given time – giving the game a strong non-linear feel.

Before you download the game, be warned: unlike most "cute" anime RPGs, this one has a number of "mature" elements that could offend you. There is offensive language and precarious sexual situations depicted, although nothing as blatant as the mildest of Japanese adult Hentai games. Also to the designer's credit, the sexual overtones never become the main focus of the game (it is normally quite obvious if a game designer is using sex as a 'cheap' gimmick to attract more players). The writing is awkward and stilted in some areas, probably a result of the game being translated from French, or coded by a non-native English speaker. That's nothing to detract from the fun, though. Overall, I find Laxius Power to be one of the best freeware RPGs today. If you enjoy console-style RPGs, check out this excellent underdog that will occupy you for dozens of hours. If offensive material puts you off, though, your best bet is to look for a more 'traditional' console RPG. Two thumbs up for this underdog.

Reviewed by: Underdogs

As you might have guessed from that last line, that's the Home of the Underdogs entry, where Laxius Power is rated as one of the Top Dogs with a rating of 8.21 (6917 votes).
The Home of the Underdogs entry is actually how I discovered Laxius Power, and through it, RPGMaker way back when I was like... 13 or 14 or something.

Anyway, like the HotU review states, there's some offensive stuff in here, but fortunately it's never graphic. There's definitely some nudity and fanservice and stuff I'll censor though or just mention in passing.

I might have to put up content warnings here and there but most of it is -relatively- tame. There's some rape threats. One scene of torture late in the game. A lot of sexism... (though I don't think the author is an actual misogynist. At the very least, he isn't anymore). The author is definitely keen on S/M relationships too, but it fortunately only really shows in some stupid bantering and bickering here and there and writing that elf girls are raised to be submissive unlike human women. The R-slur is used here and there. I can't remember anything more off the top of my head.

While there is some weird crap, and some incredibly stupid offensive bullshit, this LP is more a setup for the later games which... are far less problematic (but still have some stupid bad shit) but insane in other ways. This one we'll mostly be enjoying for its Engrish and some odd execution, if anything. If any of you are familiar with the infamously terrible Dominic Deegan webcomic, then I can tell you this game has the same sort of thing going on, where it feels like a young (?) guy or teen that loves harem and 90's fantasy anime a lot uncritically reproduced a lot of the problems with those things in his own work. If you are not familiar with Dominic Deegan... Well, lucky you. But a thread in BSS is currently ongoing as good ol' Mookie started a extremely boring and poor sequel series. At some point, to take the edge off the extreme boredom, the thread started to reread and analyse exactly what made the original Dominic Deegan so bad. It's a good and enlightening read, and the problems are sometimes relevant to Laxius Powers own. The reread starts here.

Laxius Power comes packaged with HTML files that act as the instruction manual of the game. Both gameplay info and setting information that never otherwise comes up in the game are contained inside it. I'll post it when I feel like it, but here's the story summary:
"Random Story", the 1st part of Laxius Power, features the adventure of Random, a young swordman, and his friends. Gifted with awesome powers a sword in the hand, Random gets bored of his training courses, and decides to make it to SankT Leona, a huge city where a famous tournament is about to take place. The young man just has enough time to get prepared, raise his skills and travel up to the faraway city. But simultaneously to Random's dreams of glory, a threatening order grows in the depth of dark caves and creepy towers. Its name : the Dark Order. Its location : everywhere. Its goal : raising the ultimate army, the most powerful army ever, full of fiends and overboosted creatures, in order to control as quickly as possible the unaware country. Why all these efforts and agitation ? Within 2 years, a millenary cycle - forgotten by everyone but the necromancers - must happen, and bring back antic Over Demons to proceed to the Global Annihilation, and the Dark Order wants to unite with them instead of endure them.
Will the reign of terror win ? The story tells the adventure of Random and how he'll deal with the terrifying events that are about to happen. Also, discover the love story of Random and his elf girlfriend, Sarah, and live their burning passion through dramatic events and scaring enemies. Mythology, adventures and secrets are to be discovered in the world the story takes place. Laxius Power is also a thought about the quest of glory, and the important things in life.
As you can see, English is the second language of our author here, though his English does improve a lot over the series. I believe his first language is French. I had a French friend some years ago, who claimed the French RPGMaker community had a great distaste for Indinera and exiled him for the crime of not making art games and then having the gall to translate them into English. Said friend also said they named the pervert game award after him. But this is all second-hand. I can't read French. If someone knows otherwise, please do not hesitate to correct me.

One last thing: Indinera posted his portfolio on his forum some time back and has kept it updated ever since. I'll quote it here, because you might recognise some of these since I see them, especially Millenium, on sale on Steam and stuff fairly frequently.
I started developing games in April 2001 and took a two-years break in 2006-2007 after the release of Lax Team, to the Rescue.

Laxius Power ~ Random Story October 2001 (re-released May 2002)

Laxius Power II ~ Destinies April 2003

Laxius Power III ~ The Final Terror December (X-mas) 2004

Blades of Heaven April (?) 2005
Lax Team, to the Rescue! December 2005

Laxius Force - Heroes Never Die August 18, 2008

3 Stars of Destiny February 23, 2009
Laxius Party May 2009
Laxius Force II - The Queen of Adretana August 19, 2009
Millennium: A New Hope September 21, 2009
Asguaard November 13, 2009
Millennium 2: Take Me Higher December 20, 2009

Dreamscape March 19, 2010
Ella's Hope (Lead: Eridani) April 29, 2010
Laxius Force III - The Last Stand August 29, 2010
Millennium 3: Cry Wolf October 31, 2010

Sylia (Lead: Ensorcelled) May 8, 2011
Millennium 4: Beyond Sunset August 6, 2011

The Book of Legends February 18, 2012
Moonchild August 26, 2012
Opaline - 2 Fates 1 Love (Lead: Warfare) November 20, 2012

Millennium 5: The Battle of the Millennium July 21, 2013
Onyx (Lead: Valkyria) October 31, 2013

Undefeated January 4, 2014
Girlfriend Rescue August 30, 2014
The Tale of a Common Man October 17, 2014

Elendia Ceus February 20, 2015
A Timely Intervention August 20, 2015
The King's Heroes November 14, 2015

YOU... and who else? May 14, 2016
Witch Hunt October 16, 2016

Little Hearts August 3, 2017

Shadows & Lies April 6, 2018
Fortress of Hell October 31, 2018

Inferno August 15, 2019
A Plunge into Darkness October 28, 2019

Forever Heroes September 21, 2020

Night of the Stars June 18, 2021
The author of Laxius Power went by Damianzeking for a time, but now goes by Indinera or Indinera Falls. He owns Aldorlea Games and publishes his own RPGMaker games on Steam now. As well as other peoples games.

You -might- be more familiar with Indinera's Millennium quintology. They were made in-between installments of the Laxius Force trilogy, which is so strange to me. Laxius Force is completely insane but Millennium is not. I have a fair bit of genuine fondness for Millennium, even.

So with that all out of the way... I'll be updating this LP whenever I feel like. People who read my last two LPs will know from experience that that can mean once a week, it can mean daily, it can even mean two or even three times in a day, depending on how I feel and how excited I am to reach a part.

I do want to warn everyone not to expect something like The Way or Master of the Wind, though. Laxius Power 1 has its weird parts, but the story and characters are awful. The battle system is basic RPGMaker 2k shit. Most of the music and tilesets is basic RTP.

So! In light of all that, I won't be painstakingly transcribing every line of dialogue like I did for The Way and Master of the Wind.

Sorry if this comes off pretty incoherent and all, but I have seriously rewritten and deleted this post many times in the months since the Master of the Wind LP. I have gotten cold feet on starting this LP at the last minute a bunch of times. I mean, for one thing, I originally intended to do Laxius Power right after The Way. I've had many long debates with myself on if it's really worth LPing this game with all its problems. Now I just want to get it off my back. I'm -haunted- by the Laxius series. It's my fate and burden to carry. But, maybe by sharing this burden my pain shall be eased a little bit.

Vilkacis believes Herasia would make a compelling argument for being the fourth party-member if he could.

My brand new Patreon!
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Reserved Just In Case

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S1E1: Meet the Party.

We meet our party of beloved psychopaths plus a cat and an extremely boring teenage girl.

Oh god, this series. I only made it through the first... third? I think? of the first game before my eyes threatened to roll out of my sockets over a combination of how bad the dialogue was and how it was apparently written by someone with one hand perpetually shoved down his pants.

Also using Tiki's Mystery of the Emblem portrait for Sarah was certainly uh A Choice but people used rips for everything back then so.

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First things first, it's really weird seeing so many portraits from Thracia 776 in here. I already see Fergus, Linoan, and Dagdar among them, and I get the feeling we'll see many, many more if the deluge of party members right off the bat is any indicator.

Anyways, lemme tell you it's a TRIP finally being able to talk with other people who know about this weird world of old RPG Maker games. Hell, I only scratched the surface of most of the area, I had no idea this dude was behind Aldorlea. Interesting what some experience can change about a person's style. ...well, that and probably having more people than just himself helping at some point. My only experience with the Laxius series was 3 Stars of Destiny for the most part (got like, 8-12 hours in? idk), then I later played a free trial of one of the Laxius Force trilogy, went "...huh, well that was weird. Had a bunch of characters I recognize from 3SoD, but... talking really, really weird, and with a bunch of party members for each one. Seems like a lot."

The opening post and first update alone have shown me how little I knew about the series' baggage... hooooooo boy... :ohdear:

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RandomKesaranPasaran wrote:
Sat Aug 21, 2021 4:24 pm
how it was apparently written by someone with one hand perpetually shoved down his pants.
There's one scene in particular that I very strongly dislike that makes this very clear.

LPFinale wrote:
Mon Aug 23, 2021 2:22 am
talking really, really weird, and with a bunch of party members for each one. Seems like a lot.

The opening post and first update alone have shown me how little I knew about the series' baggage... hooooooo boy... :ohdear:
Laxius Force goes absoltuely insane with the partymember count. So does Laxius Power 3, honestly. And yeah, talking weird. They sure do. Half the charm of the series is how bizarre a lot of the dialogue is. While I do have a genuine fondness for this game in spite of itself, as well as Laxius Power 3, I don't think I could've finished the Laxius Force trilogy if it wasnt so weird and funny.

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S01E02: The Dream Book.

In which our beloved psychopaths, a cat and a boring teenage girl read a book and bug and rob everyone in Rillia.

Love that Coryool's art doesn't even try to even approximately match either his RTP sprite or his FE5 rip portrait.

Also love the fact that Indinera apparently couldn't decide what shade of green Sarah's hair should be.

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RandomKesaranPasaran wrote:
Tue Aug 24, 2021 6:48 am
Also love the fact that Indinera apparently couldn't decide what shade of green Sarah's hair should be.
Even in Laxius Force with commissioned artists, Sarah's hair colour still changes between at least three different colours entirely and it's really hard to tell if intentional.

Anyway, this thread is actually one update behind the SA thread, so next time I post an update, there will actually be -2- updates.

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S01E03: Do Not Name Your Dark Order 'The Dark Order.'

In which our party of beloved psychopaths, a cat and a dull as shit teenage girl undertake a lengthy dungeon crawl.

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S01E04: Stay Close To Me, Sarah (repeated)

In which our beloved psychopaths, a cat and a yawn-inducing teenage girl slaughter some priests.
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Loo is apparently an old word for clearing, which makes that sequence of events slightly less amusing to me. Funnily enough I don't recall actually finding that sword but I do remember LP1 being absurdly generous at times so I'm not surprised it was just lying around behind a fairly easy fight.

And yeah honestly if it weren't for the super cringe dialogue I'd the time I spent on it was pretty enjoyable for what it was because I think apart from that I think my biggest issue was that the dungeons go on seemingly forever. Maybe they get shorter past what I played though so.

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RandomKesaranPasaran wrote:
Thu Aug 26, 2021 2:33 am
Maybe they get shorter past what I played though so.

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S01E05: Not as cool as Solest's fairies. The punny title of the update was cheated from me.

In which our beloved band of psychopaths, a cat and a teenage girl Bore Magician run a maze.
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I do remember the dragon and I don't remember it being hard enough to wipe on (and I do remember wiping to something later because the game over screeen is uh "classy.") without being lazy. Granted, I may have gotten incredibly lost in places and Sarah may have already had Tsunami by that point (which I also recall being cheaper than 25 MP but either my memory is fuzzy or it got changed at some point.)

What an oddly specific number of spider encounters in that spider bush.

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S01E06: The Upper West Saga 1: This ain't so upper.

Our beloved psychopaths, a cat and a FISH-VIOLENCE-MAD teenage girl explore the Upper West.
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Oh, there's the absurdly good healing item shop that i remember buying a million things from.

"The humble beginnings of a legend" is a statement with an ominous aura alright and I can't say I'm especially eager to know what it entails considering what I've already experienced from this game's dialogue.

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S01E07:The Upper West Saga 2: Spelunky!

In which our party of beloved psychopaths, a cat and a Fish Frenzied teenage girl prove the gossips wrong! The rumors are true!

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S01E08: The Upper West Saga 3: Unlimited Power!

Our party of beloved psychopaths, a cat, and a dull teenage girl discover the power that will make them legends... as long as they all stick together.
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I think one of those dungeons is about where I stopped because I blundered into it too early and got in over my head. Probably the Balthus one but it's been a long time so I'm not sure.

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vilkacis wrote: Leanda may not be great, but the debuffs she comes with seem pretty strong! The attack one also affects speed and has a base power of 100, and the defence one also hits mind for 140 base (and both have decent mind/str scaling as well). She could nerf someone a lot faster than Sarah with her weaker all-stats one. 'Course, with the current power level you're unlikely to need it any time soon.
Something a goon/lurker just reminded me of on the Aldorlea Discord makes Leanda yet more irrelevant. I had forgotten which item was used for A Thing and it turns out I already have it. I was gonna bring it up next update but might as well do it now.

The Diamond Jewel is Unlimited Casts of Love Me, MP-free. Which will make us even more unstoppable. I think only the female cast can use it which isn't really a limitation.

Miacis wrote:
Thank you, thank you.

The English does improve over time and he gets proof readers to help at some point but they never do a super great job in Laxius Force and the dialogue always remains... off. If anything, it feels more off the better his English gets. Uncanny Valley effect for language. Whoever proofreads the Millennium series does much better, and I know he credits different people for different series, but even Millennium still feels a bit awkward.


nine-gear crow wrote:

This dude looks amazing.






"I think it is a mental representation of the Order in Laxius."

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Jeanne d'Bright wrote:
Fri Sep 03, 2021 4:48 pm
I think only the female cast can use it


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S01E09: The Upper West Saga 4: Taking Big Cow Out To Pasture.

In which our beloved party of psychopaths, a cat and a boring, fish-crazy teenage girl take on Big Cow... and win.
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Also check out our GP. If you recall, we has 69k or something like that when we left the Forest Maze, and then I spent every GP and some more we earned after on all the fish, whales and the Teleport place so we had no GP.

This is even without selling any of our loot like all those shields and crap.

Got a duplicate image of Random's reaction to clearing out the harpy nest.

Of course the mithril can't be used until the third game, why would I have expected otherwise.

Also 37 gauntlets and 46 assorted shields is certainly the sort of loot pile I'd expect the game to throw in somewhere. It just feels so very, Laxius Power.

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S01E10: The Upper West Saga 5: Mammoth Mandatory Monster Mountain Maze MELTDOWN!

Our party of beloved psychopaths, a cat and a trivia-orientated teenage girl traverse the largest mountain dungeon of all time, only to get blueballed at the end.
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I found out Indinera's favourite Might and Magic is the 6th one and I'm remembering the like 6 hour second last dungeon in that game which explains so much.

EDIT: Before someone points out the SankT Crown is in fact actually good for its resists, I did notice that later and equipped it on Sarah.

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I can't believe how enormous that area is. Jeez!

Jeanne d'Bright wrote:I found out Indinera's favourite Might and Magic is the 6th one and I'm remembering the like 6 hour second last dungeon in that game which explains so much.
Heh. (also fuck that dungeon)

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S01E11: The Upper West Saga FINALE: My long-time dream finally reality!

Our beloved party of psychopaths, a cat and a HONOUR BOUND TO DELIVER MAIL INTACT teenage girl deliver the mail and meet a rather delightful mushroom. Also they cross two different sets of mountains.
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Good to know that not!Funguy is living their best life at least.

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Here's something. A while back I booted up Fortress of Hell, laughed in shock at the opening and recorded it. I just now decided to upload it.


I see this series continues to go places. Stay classy, Indinera.

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The absolute insanity of the Laxius Force trilogy and (apparently!) Fortress of Hell aside, we have a much older and slightly more normal game to deal with first.

S01E12: The Journey's End

In which our beloved band of psychopaths, a cat and the bland teenage girl finally reach their destination.
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Ah yes, a metal scimitar is definitely something I associate with lasers. Also, as opposed to every other type of scimitar, which must not be metal then.

Reverse blood circulation sure is a trick though.

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Jeanne d'Bright wrote:
Sat Sep 11, 2021 2:16 pm
Here's something. A while back I booted up Fortress of Hell, laughed in shock at the opening and recorded it. I just now decided to upload it.

What in the absolute fuck :psyduck:

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S01E13: That Primo Library Content.

In which our party of psychopaths, a cat and a blood-reversing teenage girl visit the library.
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Wait, is that 10 enemies or 16.

Also I guess Indinera is also one of the five or so Phantasy Star 3 fans on the planet, which also probably explains some things.

Again with the blood flow reversal. I mean I kind of appreciate that instead of some sort of interminable magibabble Luci just goes yeah i just reverse by blood like it's some casual thing but how has anyone not suffered severe oxygen deprivation by this point.

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RandomKesaranPasaran wrote:
Wed Sep 15, 2021 6:02 pm
Wait, is that 10 enemies or 16.

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