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Alternate between Washing Windows and Volunteering until sin is gone, then switch to Salesgirl with occasional Box Moving to build back Stamina.

If we can afford it, take an Item Creation class!

I vote for working for a room, then washing windows. If we finish, shelve books at least once.

I've been enjoying the LP! I played this game a while ago and had fun with it and the sequel (and, later, suggested it to one of my younger sisters). I've been especially liking your interactions with Books and for the dungeon trip.

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Update 7: What Precisely Is A Wassail?

To the inn room and cleaning our soul it is!



Image One room for the night, please.

Inkeep: Right, here's the key. And don't worry, I ain't asking questions. We get adventurers in here all the time.

Image ...Thanks.


Image Damn, I slept good! I can see why the price is so high now.

Image Well, they always did say that Dan the Man knew quality when he saw it.

Image But didn't you say a long time back that you didn't make the prices?

Image I don't.

Image ... Huh. Who does then?

Image King Humphrey. Part of some law about equal treatment for adventurers as well as inn service in general. I reckon he put it in place to get more bodies lookin' for the princess, though the regulation stopped a lot of greedy innkeeps in the end as well.

Image Hm. I guess that makes sense. What were the prices like before?

Image Way higher, usually. Of course, I've never charged anyone more just 'cause they looked roughed up. Dan the Man was never known for asking questions either.

Image Besides, the real income is in alcohol and food, not room prices. It does mean you gotta pay to have muscle around if you can't manage to throw the rowdy ones out on your own.

Image ...I see.

Image Speakin' of, I've really gotta get around to posting that ad for another bouncer sometime...


Image Might as well get to trying to clean my soul, however one goes about that.

Image Hmm...

Image Well, if anything I can go back and thank that doctor guy for saving me.



Image I see you've returned. What seems to be the matter today?

Image Oh, nothing with me. I just wanted to return the favor for the other day.

Image I'm a bit understaffed as of the moment if you don't mind volunteering.

Image Sure, why not?


Image Ah, damn! You're that pink haired broad that knocked me the hell out before I even landed a swing!

Image Huh?

Image Please don't hurt me, lady! I regret everything!

Image Hold on now, I'm just here to help today. I'm not planning on kicking your ass again.

Image Oh... phew... Gods, my eye still hurts from that.

Image Serves you right, though. You should probably consider a change of profession.

Image Yeah, yeah... I was already planning on it. Thievin' ain't done me or nobody else any good. Gonna get the hell out of this town once I'm done payin' back the Doc.

Image I swear though, you must've scored it good somewhere to get that armor. You ain't just a gutter rat like me anymore I guess... *walks off*

Image ...What did that last part mean? I must've did more of a number on him that I thought.



Image I do feel a lot cleaner now. I suppose I ought to go help out on the church some.



Image Well, I do appreciate your enthusiasm for this regardless of... er, your performance. I'd say your hands are clean enough to return.

Image Really?

Image Indeed. I'd say that seemed like a rather short time for that much penance, but perhaps the gods have decided to be merciful of late. It's not my place to question them.

Image Well, that's great! I guess it's back to life as usual then.




Image You cleaned up fast. Perks of still being young, I guess.

Image I think I'm just supposed to consider myself lucky and to be more careful next time. The church is already fine with me again too.

Image Tch, you must be lucky to not have any scars after that. Even my skin was never that good.

Image I think we're talking about different things here.


Image At least I haven't lost my skill at this though!

Image (Speaking of things I haven't done in a while...)



Image -Oh! It's you, Hilde! Sorry, I've just been caught up in the usual routine too much.

Image Nah, it's nothing. Besides, I really ought to start coming around here more again.

Image I realize I've been a bit of a stranger of late.

Image You don't have to if you don't want to. I get it, we're both trying to make money and I know I can't pay that much.

Image Well, anyways, I'm here to help out with the books if you're good with that.

Image Always. You're still the best person around for the job.


Image Wait, why are you paying me now?

Image You can't tell me that you seriously forgot about Yuletide.

Image Ohhh, heck, that's right! Time for more good, free food!

Image Well, maybe not entirely free, but yeah.


Image It is really quite nice, especially after months of dealing with those children.



Image Well, we ought to join in if we want the apple harvest to go well next year.

Image Oh, I know you'll be wanting that! You can't deny it, what with all the cider and all.

Image What, a girl can't like her cider?


So, here's some historical facts for you. Wassailing is an English tradition that has undergone a lot of changes throughout the years. In a very general view of it, it was an early version of Christmas carolling, while in some other places it was also celebration for orchards in order to scare away bad spirits and promote the trees having a good harvest.

Wassail itself is a sort of minorly alcoholic punch bowl given out to wassailers, and the name itself has etymology Old Norse and Old English, meaning "be hale".

It also over time had evolved into a similar thing as trick-or-treating in some places, including the US, and as that rowdy form of it set in, it spurred on the more clean version of Christmas. Eventually that became the Capitalism Christmas.

It's a rather fascinating subject, honestly, but I'll leave it there so that we can get to the gameplay faster. There's a lot more in the history involving this than I can ramble on about here.

Oh, and the game does play a MIDI version "Here We Come A-Wassailing" here.


Image Now look who's had enough for one night.

Image Huh? No way, I'm still fine 'n good. I'm strong, I can take my alcohol...

Image Speaking of that, when did you get muscles like that? Like, damn, girl.

Image Boxes. Lots of boxes.

Image Oh, and I guess brawling all those monsters'd do that too... Running out of magic, I'd just deck 'em right in the face.

Image Whoa, whoa... You went into the sinkhole?

Image Yep, yep I did... made about as money as I spent going in, but I found some other stuff.

Image Aw heck, that must've been exciting.

Image It, kinda was, yeah... I think.

Image I can't... really... remember much...

Image Zzzz...

Image I guess we traded places this time.


Image Zz....zzz...



Image (Definitely partied a bit too hard last year...)


Aside from being good for Dream, I forgot that Yuletide is also really good for your Charm stat.

On that note, we've really not had many issues with Dream so far, but it also hasn't really gone anywhere. Odd. This is a lot different than my original runs. It may have to do with that Water is a month that's rather average in interests and doesn't get bored easily.



Image Sewing? I'm not sure I know much about that, really.

Image Well, if you do learn at some point, I'm willing to pay a lot for an in-house producer.


Image (I make enough money doing this to warrant going to the school again. Perhaps I'll see what they've got on sewing?)



Image (Item Creation sounds close enough, right?)


Image The untrained eye cannot always identify a magic item. You will learn to recognize more as you study.

Image Once you have learned some recipes, you can bring items you find to the lab to combine them.


Image (Well, it wasn't entirely about only sewing, but I think with a bit more I can just figure it out well enough.)

Image Hey, you.

Image Huh?


Image O-okay.

Image Don't look at it like that, don't you realize all the uses this has? Were you not paying attention?

Image No, I was, I'm just-

Image Of course you were! Thus, why I've chosen to give this to you. You've got a real knack for this, I think. Do come back soon!

Image O-oh! Thank you, I will!

Image (What an odd guy... Nice, but odd.)

Image (Well, anyways, maybe I should put this knowledge to use with the stuff I found in the dungeon....)


Image (No idea what this does specifically, but it IS magic.)


Image (Oh, hey, I remember this from one of the books! This could help my spellcasting!)


Image (I don't even remember picking this up, but this is actually really powerful!)

Image (Maybe that dungeon could be even more useful than I thought!)


With the secrets of magic becoming clearer to her, Hilde's gotten a lot stronger than I'd imagined she would in just half a year. This being said, we've still got plenty of time to go. So... what next? Next update will take us to the next holiday at the least, which is about two and a half months, but may be longer depending on how the votes are.

We can also now use the item forge at the College, but it does cost 25g. We do get to make as much as we want while we're there though, so it's best to craft in batches.

Recipe Research:


Tooth + Silver Ring: Ring of Strength (+5 Strength)
Tooth + Gold Necklace: Tribal Tooth (+10 Strength)
We've read a bit about a robe that might use it...

Fallen Star:

Fallen Star + Wand: Star Wand (+10 Magic, 2 Dam)
Fallen Star + Gold Necklace: Star-Touched Necklace (+10 Magic)
Fallen Star + Robe: Nightgown (+10 Magic)
Apparently, it can boost the power of lucky charms...


Stick + Rocks: Spear (10 Dam)
Stick + Wand: Staff (+5 Magic, 5 Dam)
Stick + Axe: Halberd (-10 Weapons, -10 Combat, 16 Dam)
Stick + Nails: Spiked Club (5 Dam)


Acorn + Ribbon: Childish Trinket (Charm -5)
"Acorns may seem weak at first, but have some powerful recipes..."

Buyable Item List

Leather Armor (60g): +5 Combat

Chain Mail(100g): + 10 Combat, -1 Damage (as, absorbs 1 damage)

Plate Mail(150g): + 15 Combat, -5 Damage, - 5 Luck (which affects our dodge rate)

Dagger (25g): + 5 Weapons, MaxDam 4 (max damage roll before bonuses)

Sword (50g): MaxDam 8

Axe (100g): -5 Weapons, MaxDam 12

Gold Necklace (10g): + 1 Charm

Gold Ring (10g): + 1 Charm

Plain Robe (5g): Nothing, but counts as armor

Wand (25 g): +5 Magic, MaxDam 2

Health Potion (25g): Restores 10 HP*

Mana Potion (25g): Restores 10 MP*

*These two stack infinitely and do not cost a turn to use.

Class List
(All last 7 days of course, like jobs.)
Mathematics (10g per day): Mind ++

Dance (15g per day): Charm ++, Luck +

Exercise (15g per day): Strength ++, Stamina +

Item Creation (20g per day): Crafting ++

Kitchen Science (20g per day): Cooking +, Brewing +

Fighting (30g per day): Combat ++, Weapons +

Magic (30g per day): Magic +, Spells ++

Job List
Maid (4g): Stamina and Cleaning

Chef(6g): Cooking

Box Moving(6g): Stamina and Strength

Salesgirl (8g): Charm and Mind, can offer some more theft opportunities

Seamstress (10g) *NEW*: Crafting, one of the highest paying reliable jobs, but rather difficult. We'd need one or two more Item classes before we can perform well here.

Shelving Books(3g): Stamina and Mind

Read to Children(6g): Luck and Taming, lowers Strength

Wash Windows(2g): Cleaning, lowers Sin

Tend Animals:(6g) Taming, lowers Charm, lowers Sin

Theft: Luck, raises Sin, chance of being labeled a thief, variable pay

Performing: Charm, Luck, variable pay but potentially very lucrative.

Donations: Not actually a job, but helps to lower sin.

Volunteer: Pays nothing, minorly lowers Stamina, and majorly lowers Sin.

Socialize: Does nothing but maybe raise Charm, raise Dream, or lower Dream. Sometimes an NPC will tell us something interesting.

Read Book: Also not a job, but gives us a bit of lore. Doesn't do anything for our stats as far as I know.


Oh, and as a neat bit of trivia, you might note that the Ring of Enchantment doesn't line up with our current stats. That's because either there's a typo in the description or in the code:
{1}Ring of Enchantment{2}10{3}a ring with a flower on it{4}spr_flowering{5}A ring that enhances the wearer's charm.#[Charm +15]{6}global.cha2 += 5;{7}50{8}
Given that it's crafting skill requirement is only 10, I imagine it was supposed to be +5 to start with.
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ClaudiaSilvestri wrote:
Sat Nov 21, 2020 6:32 am
I've been enjoying the LP! I played this game a while ago and had fun with it and the sequel (and, later, suggested it to one of my younger sisters). I've been especially liking your interactions with Books and for the dungeon trip.
Glad you're enjoying it so far! I originally picked them up personally as part of just seeing where Hanako got it's start, but quite evidently it's turned into a little bit more than that. But what can I say? They're both good fun, and doing a Let's Play of them just works out really well. Each update is a good bit shorter than my previous forays into narrative, which really helps my creative drive from getting stuck.

As for Books, I felt like it'd be good for the narrative for Hilde to have a friend around (less internal dialogue) and it just kinda made sense with how we started the LP. I enjoy playing story off the mechanics rather than writing around it, which is the same thing I've been going for with the dungeon.

(Not to mention, Books might just be slightly based on a person I used to know.)

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Let's craft a Star Wand, work as a Salesgirl, and take some more Magic classes.

More magic classes. We'll make a wizard out of her yet! (Assuming she can stop smacking people with the wands)

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Magic Classes when we have the cash. Perhaps some Seamstress work as well, to get our crafting up. ...maybe also another visit to Books for Shelving if we wind up with the time. Books is good.

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