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As some members already know, we've had plans to create a Patreon, to cover hosting costs and to ensure the owner (hi) can run the site without fear of the UK's benefit system losing them their home.

However, the corollary to that is that if that monthly amount turns out to be over £100, but under £700 (sum total of current jobseekers, rent, and £50 on top), that last bit happens pretty much immediately.

So, to ensure a Patreon can be safely opened, we've opened up this poll to see what the (monthly) donation interest is (I can use Ko-Fi for anything else. Which I don't have to say shit about :P) That some of you have asked about this is very gratifying, and gives us hope that the community can grow, and grow well. You can always change your option, and I'm making you aware, in case you didn't already know this, that Patreon donations are now taxable (Look into the tax return options in your country, folks. ;) )

Thanks again to those of you who asked this, and I hope you have fun creating and commenting on Let's Plays, games, and creative pursuits. <3

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Judging by the results so far, we'd be about halfway there, counting the proceeds from the reviewing site's Patreon. In total, assuming pledges are met (When in doubt, assume leeway on the higher pledges), it'd come to approximately £330 (Taking away 10% rather than the 5%, because I can't remember the VATMOSS), and adding in TMW proceeds (Approximately £90), that...

...Oh, that's closer to two thirds, isn't it? (Also 420 :P)

Anyway, point is, it's been less than a week since the Beach started, and already, this poll gives me hope that we can reach that goal when we make the Patreon. Thank you.

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